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January 07, 2008

Who Is the real winner? Bobby Amore - Who Else!

American Inventor: Who Is The Real Winner?

by Myra Per-Lee, January 07, 2008




To all my fellow inventors:

Exciting news! I have successfully licensed the ďTonerbelt,Ē the product I developed while I was a contestant on the ABCís show American Inventor. Several companies were interested in the Tonerbelt, and after many, many meetings, I finally signed a contract with an organization that has worldwide marketing and distribution.

In addition to a license that includes manufacturing and marketing through direct marketing and retail, they have also asked me to become a liaison between their organization and other inventors. I will be keeping my eye out for new ideas and will pick certain products to present to the company in pitch meetings. I have already spoken with several inventors who have had trouble moving forward to the next step, and I will be representing their product through this company. I may also work with some of the other finalists from last yearís American Inventor show, too.

If you know my story from the show, then you know that inventors are my first priority, and I would love it if I were able to help you down this rough road. Feel free to email me the field your invention is in (such as bathroom or car products), and Iíll let you know if it fits into the product line.

I wish you all the best in your amazing journey.

Donít ever stop until your idea comes to fruition!

Bobby Amore
American Inventor show final 12
To Fruition LLC.

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